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( latest revision July 2003 )

Under the broad heading of education there are several datasets available that discuss a diverse selection of topics including enrollment and college statistics to bullying and sexual harassment in schools. The library of educational assessment research is becoming more and more diverse, and the inclusion of datasets is increasing.

To access the files in any procedure, you simply need to open and run the boilerplate programs describe on the previous page. All of the assigned boiler plate programs will be listed below simply open these programs in SAS and submit the run command. These programs will set up the appropriate libname information as well as giving you and output of the contents of the dataset.

The boilerplate files necessary to run the appropriate datasets are the same name as the dataset with bp at the end; also they have a .sas context. For example, for the first dataset illcol92.sd2 is the actual raw data while is the boilerplate file necessary to run that data. These are the files you want to run.

Education data

There are three SASFILES relevant for the study of education and education related issues.

1. A dataset on vital Illinois College statistics is available in the following location:

g:\datasets\Higher Ed

illcol92. sas7bdat

This dataset includes vital statistics on all of Illinois' colleges and universities. Information is available on spending per student, accepted ACT scores, acceptance rates, and graduation rates. This data is from 1992, but newer data should be available soon.

2. A dataset on the National university system is available the following location:

g:\datasets\higher ed

univ93. sas7bdat

This dataset includes vital statistics on a variety of universities and colleges outside of the state of Illinois. Information is also available on spending per student, accepted ACT scores, acceptance rates, graduation information, major, student demographics among others. This data is from 1993.

3. The American Association of University Women Education Foundation provides a dataset on Bullying, Teasing, and Sexual Harassment in School. This dataset is available in the following location.


aauw. sas7bdat

Four of five students—boys and girls—report that they have experienced some type of sexual harassment in school, despite a greater awareness of school policies dealing with the issue. According to the students surveyed, sexual harassment—words and actions—in school happens often, occurs under teachers' noses, can begin in elementary school, and is very upsetting to both girls and boys. Sexual harassment is part of everyday life for boys and girls at school. While students say they are aware of school policies dealing with sexual harassment, increased awareness has not translated into fewer incidents of sexual harassment in school life. Parents, teachers, and administrators need to do a better job educating our children on what is and what isn't appropriate. According to the report, based on a national survey of 2,064 public school students in 8th through 11th grades.

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